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Temporary containers

Temporary Containers have been born out of a new and different way of thinking about containers.

SUSTAINABILITY is the new concept of reconditioning shipping containers instead of building new ones, thus avoiding unnecessary costs and labour.

With a view to the circular economy and environmental sustainability, we extend the life of shipping containers traditionally used for transporting goods. The lifetime of these products, when used for transport, is about 20 years. But their life doesn’t end there.

available for:

METALBOX transforms them, maintaining their original structure and creating a high quality living space, suitable for temporary exhibitions and commercial uses, such as retail, exhibition stands, kiosks, offices, ticket offices, etc.

Perfect for all occasions when space is needed for innovative ideas or creative events, Temporary Containers enhance the visibility of the products that are presented in them, offering a point-of-sale customer experience that fully satisfies all the criteria of experiential marketing. By making the most of the company’s goods or services, Temporary solutions meet the needs for the use of space and the development of projects capable of transmitting messages and sensations.

Temporary Containers lend themselves to different arrangements and are completely customizable with graphic and furnishing solutions. They are equipped with electrical systems, heating or air conditioning as needed.

Refurbished maritime containers

By the sea, in the mountains, in the city. Metalbox is ready for action everywhere.

Beach cabins, lifeguard stations, communal areas, storage spaces and also warm lounges in the snow ready to welcome skiers, spacious carefully-designed saunas or temporary containers transformed into museum ticket offices, info points or waiting rooms.

Metalbox is ready with its prefabricated structures to solve space requirements with fast, customised and tailor-made solutions and great attention to design and aesthetics.

Metalbox’s reconditioned sea containers are particularly suitable for bars, kiosks and ice cream parlours. Customisable with branding and multiple colours, attractive designs and equipped with the most advanced solutions according to their intended use, the containers transform themselves into true points of attraction, engaging and attracting people, while still allowing food and drinks to be served in compliance with current regulations.

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