Customized containers for the
Ecological Sector

Ecological for Metalbox means knowing how to propose products and solutions that are sustainable and compatible with their intended use.

Prefabricated modular construction is a solution that pleases the environment, because it is able to reduce the environmental impact associated with the construction of infrastructures thanks to the reduction of waste and the use of alternative materials.

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Ecological also represents the ability to achieve what is needed to protect the environment from polluting or dangerous products that are still necessary for industrial processing.
Suitable for the storage of paints, oils and chemical products, the ATEX CONTAINERS can be made both in sheet metal and with insulated panels in compliance with the ATEX directive.
They are equipped with a liquid collection tank and are indispensable every time to be in compliance with the regulations that provide for the non-leakage of dangerous or polluting liquids.
Ideal for the industrial, agricultural, chemical and pharmaceutical sectors, they are made with a tub floor in galvanized sheet metal with a walkway in hot galvanized grating and ventilation grids.

SHELTERS arise from the need to store and protect technological equipment or plant engineering equipment for the industrial, photovoltaic, agro-energy and electrical sectors. The Metalbox model can be made according to the customized measurements and technical sheets.

Metalbox also produces prefabricated units for the storage of PLANT PROTECTION and PESTICIDES products, in compliance with current national and European regulations on the subject. Made of sheet metal or with insulated panels, they are equipped with anti-spreading collection tanks, ventilation and closing grids.

Among the most typical applications, there are containers for electrical cabins, shelters for engine rooms, cabins for transmission and telecommunications, rooms for industrial plants, rooms or switchboards and generic technical rooms also for humanitarian emergency situations.

Metalbox has always believed in the importance of quality control in the various production phases. For this reason, for several years, it has implemented a certification system for the design and production of its prefabricated buildings in compliance with the established standards.

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